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Artist Hal Stowers takes a break to celebrate as his monumental,
stainless steel sculpture, SUN TIME, reflects its surroundings!

Enviro Artist Succeeds as Michelangelo to C.E.O's

IMRglobal CORP. Commissioned Artist Hal Stowers to Create 12.5 Ton Stainless Steel Sculpture for its New World Headquarters


CLEARWATER, FL - September 27, 1999 /e-releases/ - Since 1971, environmental artist Hal Stowers, ASLA, has been working hand in hand with CEO's, presidents, owners and their project developers, helping them to express their desired corporate image through his paintings, limited editions and sculpture. Many of these individuals, as well as financial consultants, stockbrokers, C.P.A.'s, physicians, and other professionals, have selected to surround themselves with Hal Stowers art not only in their office environment, but also at home.

"SUN TIME," one of his most recent works, is a monumental, polished, stainless steel sculpture, 24' wide by 19' high, weighing approximately 12.5 tons. Featured in a 60' diameter reflecting pool, the sculpture was commissioned by IMRglobal Corp., to symbolize IMR's global operations and to serve as a visual centerpiece for their new world headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. IMRglobal provides information technology services to clients worldwide.

Satish K. Sanan, Chairman and C.E.O., selected the Artist after seeing another large scale sculpture created by Stowers. The Stowers work was included in a photo survey of outdoor sculpture presented by Al Justice of Justice Corporation, project developer. Sanan chose "Sun Time" from three small scale models presented by the Artist.

Stowers says, "SUN TIME references planet earth, the sun, moon, cyber space, outer space, and, other than linear time. I was inspired to create this work as a symbol of the great beauty and precise composite balance of these universe elements. It is my intent that this monumental work reflect humankind's reverence for this critical balance."

Components of the form are a large elliptical outer band with two intersecting, interior circular disks, one within another, each with its own axis. Cutouts in the innermost disk symbolize sun, moon, horizon and sea. Viewers worldwide may see the fabrication, installation and completed sculpture, as well as paintings and limited edition original prints by the artist, by visiting the HAL STOWERS WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL ART web site at

SUN TIME was fabricated in Dunedin, Florida, by Cook Machinery. Cook designs, manufactures and installs stainless steel TASTE evaporators worldwide. Stowers has developed a special working relationship with the Cook team, and they have collaborated on sculpture of varying designs and sizes since 1986.

The design for this Sculpture was computer generated by Stowers, with the help of his partner and wife, B.J. The Artist collaborated with project architect, Aude, Shand & Williams, contractor, Hawkins Construction, structural engineers, McCarthy & Associates, and Cook's chemical and mechanical engineers to arrive at the final working drawings for the sculpture and its foundation.

The sculpture's thick skin of half inch, type 316 stainless steel plate and inner ribs were engineered, programmed, and smoothly cut by a computerized abrasive water jet cutting system. The forms were then welded together and the surface ground and polished. More than 2000 man hours were spent on the finish to achieve the artist's "desired effect." The three component elements were transported to the site, precisely positioned under the artist's supervision, and then welded in place.

Throughout the eighteen month long project, Stowers worked closely, hands on with the fabricators, making necessary aesthetic decisions every step along the way. He says "A project of this scale and difficulty, with a need for precision and attention to detail, can only be done through a strong team effort. A high degree of skill, perseverance, blood, sweat and tears, faith and determination by the SUN TIME Team made the difference. Everyone went the extra mile. Every facet was large about this project." He goes on to say, "I hope the Sculpture, as it reflects its surroundings and interacts with the passage of the sun and moon, and the great Florida sky with its sunsets and ever-changing 'sky mountains,' is uplifting and brings joy to those who experience it."

Al Justice, long term Stowers patron, said if he had to describe the Sculpture with one word, it would be "Inspirational."


About Hal Stowers

Hal Stowers holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) from the University of Florida, 1967, and a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture (MLA) from the University of California at Berkeley, 1969. While at Berkeley he studied with noted sculptor, Pomodoro. He began painting in 1971, and has become known for bringing about heightened concern for our natural environment through his seascapes, landscapes, Cyber Nature paintings, limited editions and sculpture. Hal Stowers was recognized as "Distinguished Landscape Architecture Alumnus 1993," by the Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture, University of Florida. He was elected a full Member of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 1995. See more about Hal Stowers at

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