Rocky Mountains and Sonoran Desert

Boulder Creek, Wyoming

Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Hal scanning wilderness area.
Note his handmade driftwood easel and
refreshment cooling in the near
freezing creek waters
Boulder Creek, Wyoming
Fall 1978


Rocky Mountains out of Vail, Colorado

BJ. and Hal with Guide Tom Wiesen, in
the Holy Cross Wilderness Area,
getting psyched for an all day trek to a
story book Glacial Lake at 12,000' plus
Rocky Mountains out of Vail, Colorado
Summer 1997

In 1997 we returned to Colorado to complete field work for a special commission (see ARTIST: COMMISSIONS - 1994 HOPS).

Seeking the unseen rhythm and hidden life in the lush desert with the Sonoran Mountains as a backdrop.
Sonoran Desert, Arizona
Fall 1978


Rocky Mountains and Sonoran Desert

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As early as 1978, Hal was exploring the deserts, mountains, forests and shorelines of America -- on the road, by foot, and on horseback, creating "WILD," a suite of six hand pulled original lithographs expressing the major wilderness habitats of the United States. Resulting works include "Boulder Creek," "Sonoran Saguaro," and "Grand Tetons at Jackson Hole."

Also from the Wyoming adventure on horseback, Hal created two watercolors entitled "Peter's Tree," and "The George Bowl" (inspired by an unexpected high altitude blizzard with zero visability.

Hal painting in the wilderness area
at 10,000' plus elevation,
as his friends ride back to camp.
Boulder Creek, out of Cody, Wyoming Fall 1978

Boulder Creek, out of Cody, Wyoming



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