Costa Rica

President's Beach, Playa Hermosa

Checking out the precipitous rocky coastline and beautiful sandy beach coves
(some nearly white and others dark volcanic)
President's Beach, Playa Hermosa
Spring 1997


Breakfast outdoors with a friend

Breakfast outdoors with a friend
at our charming small hotel.
The tropical native flavor,
vivid colors, exotic sounds,
and picturesque beach
captured our

Our adventure included mixing with the interior exotic rain forest and experiencing the very active volcano, Arenal. That night we were constantly awakened and watched out our window, as the volcano kept noisily erupting with huge plumes of gaseous smoke and red molten lava cascading colorfully down its slopes.

Hal was moved to paint Costa Rica's breathtaking beaches and coves ... resulting in the limited edition mixed media works entitled "President's Beach, Playa Hermosa," and "Playa del Coco."

Costa Rica

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Fishing in the bottomless Pacific

Fishing in the bottomless Pacific, off the "Rocks" of the North West Coast, just south of the Nicaragua border
Spring 1997

Sunset Sail along the rugged Costa Rica Coast

Sunset Sail along the rugged Costa Rica Coast,
with fresh ceviche, friends toasting and lots of fresh ocean air swirling about ... it couldn't be better!



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